Lea Registry - Luxury Dating Service
All Bookings require a non-refundable Booking Fee of 40%  which is deducted from the initial Booking Fee. There are no refunds once a Booking has been finalized. Sorry, but we do not want to waste our time nor yours. We are a Dating Service and Advertising Platform that provides Quality. Models are only available for minimum two Hour Engagements, and above. Companions do not provide One Hour Dates! During the mediation no sexual or intimate contact can be agreed upon.

Is a MUST! We ensure your safety and safety of Models. We are a small discrete service, that offers a quality. All information is kept strictly confidential, and is deleted immediately after screening.
IMPORTANT NOTE : if you are unable to allow screening, we can not accept you at Lea Registry. All false information will result in a permanent ban and we will share this with our partners and friends. Don't get blacklisted!

We ask that you book min. 72 hours before date to avoid disappointment depending on whichever model you select. Some of  Models have busy careers or travel and are not always available at a last minute arrangement.

Conduct: We do not accept Members that are Rude or Hostile to our friendly Staff and Models or Team. Models and Staff are to be treated with respect at all times as you will expect the same. Verbal abuse towards staff, will not be tolerated at all times. We expect our Members to arrive on time and not to keep Models lingering when there time is up. Models may have other engagements arranged .

* We do not tolerate substance abuse

Please have the Models Fees in Full, in an unmarked and unsealed envelope in clear view of the Model. Delay of the Models fees will result in a cancellation forfeit any future engagements with Lea Registry.
IMPORTANT NOTE : We reserve the right to End the Booking on the spot if you do not abide by our Rules.

Models are always met in safe secure Locations, and must freely communicate with us while on an engagement (by their phones, at any given time.)  If we do not hear from our Models while on a date, this will set off alarm.

There are no Refunds after a booking has been made. If for any reason you are not happy with your companion, we will try to book another Model. If you are still not satisfied then we apologize, and we would ask you to find another Service. If you are dissatisfied we suggest you go else-where. We do not want to waste your time nor ours, no offense.

All Travel requires one week notice. Travel expenses are not included in the fee. Please hand over the non-negotiable fee to your Date at the beginning of your rendezvous, discretely and in an unsealed envelope. For a longer booking, a rendezvous abroad or a rendezvous requiring a long-distance journey, an advanced payment of the agreed fee will be due. The account information is available on request. Available payment options are a Paypal account, wire transfer and soon credit card.

If you cancel the day of the meeting, we give the Model €300 compensation and keep the rest as credit for your next booking.
If we only get your cancelation when the companion is already on her way, we charge you a compensation of €500 plus the advanced travel expenses.

Too many cancellations
Frequency in Cancellations will result in forfeiting your deposits and will result in a Members cancellation. Without notice. Sorry. We are very professional here and treat you with respect and we do expect the same.

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