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I can not wait to answer all your polite requests in a quick and trustworthy manner. Vulgar questions or statements will not be answered and will result in a termination of the conversation and a removal of your access to the web site.
We apologize for any inconvenience, however we don't cater for last-minute bookings; all luxury dinner date invitations are by appointment only. Our club is a service for cultured gentlemen. This contact form is for inquiries from gentlemen only:
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We ask for your understanding, that phone calls with withheld numbers will not be answered.

We do our best to reply to your emails as quickly as possible. If you don´t receive an answer within 24 hrs, it might be due to technical problems. In that case, kindly resend your request. If you don't receive any reply from us, kindly check your email spam box. This does happen occasionally, even with correct email addresses and for messages which are not Spam. In this case please use our contact form to reach us.